London Rent Hacker

Get customised living costs for every area of London

London Rent Hacker finds the balance between rent and monthly commute costs to find the cheapest postcodes in London for you.

London has the most expensive transport network in Europe, and some of the highest rent prices. With LRH, you can save money on both.

After you pick an area, you'll get custom info on crime, prices and estate agents.

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London Rent Hacker started as a personal project when I found out the "savings" I was making on my cheap flat in London where getting sucked into paying all my transport costs each month. I discovered it was actually more economically viable to live closer to my job and pay more money in rent but save on commute costs. Plenty of other Londoners face the same problem every year. After I realised my findings would work best on a map, I decided to make a website that anyone could use, and London Rent Hacker was born. I also included important data that people might want to know about the areas where they live. Such as crime statistics and estate agents who can help them on their next step in finding a place to live. In the future, I want to use London Rent Hacker as a platform for small, family run estate agents, to help the people of London take back control of their housing market.
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@tom_moon Smart idea! How do you gather the data?
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@abadesi Thank-you! house price data was gathered from a number of sources and averaged out. I used to get median rent prices at district level. I then used data from the land registry on average house price to double check areas with low figures. Transport costs where calculated by taking journey data from TFL's API then manually adding costs of national rail travel and bus journeys where needed. I then added it all together to get the final figures you see on the site. Data collection took about a month :( In the future I hope to find a faster way of doing it.
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@tom_moon love this concept and very timely for me -flat hunting rn! It finds my work place...doesn't return any result for places to live -within any of the distance options.
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@jacarandachick Hi Miyanda. I'm sorry to hear that. Is it possible your work place is outside central London? Currently the zoning function will only work if the place of work is within inner London postcodes. If this is the case, then rest assured, I fully intend to install functionality for every postcode within Greater London!
@jacarandachick Oh, and good luck with your flat hunting! An absolute nightmare in London... I know the feeling all to well!