Lomo Instant

The World’s Most Creative Instant Camera from Lomography

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They are pretty great to use, I received my kickstarter edition last week. While the number of lens and filters are akin to what you might produce with Instagram and its ilk, the fact that it is film gives you a level of unpredictability. And only having 10 shots per film cartiridge does make you a little more guarded and careful shooting.
These have a lot of personality but how is it different than good old fashion Polaroid photography?
@rrhoover The main new features are the long exposures mode and the different lenses attachments for the same camera (never seen that before in other instant cameras). You can also add color gels to make your very own color effect to the photos. Bonus: It uses Fujifilm Instax Mini Film which is really easy to find compared to some competitors ;)
+ They did a great job with the design !