Fun, easy video/gif app with face tracking stickers & effect

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Hello, Product Hunters! lollicam is a fun, easy-to-use video app with face-tracking stickers and cinematic effects. We promise lollicam will be the most hilarious hunt of your Product Hunt history :) lollicam has been very successful in South Korea, gathering +800K downloads in 4 months. We were also ranked #1 on the App Store on our first day of launch, so you can see how viral it is. lollicam has more than 400 funny face tracking stickers and 40 video filters. Be careful, you might be addicted ;) @violatanedkova Thank you so much for hunting us. And yes, we are actually planning to make the Product Hunt Cat sticker depending on how much you Product Hunters like lollicam!
Well, it's about time I hunted something like this, seeing as how much you guys like it. :D So it's pretty straightforward. It's trending in Korea, apparently, and I was told by the makers they're going to add a Product Hunt cat sticker. Nothing like a cat sticker to make you feel welcome. :D
@violetanedkova Thanks for your upvote, Violeta! I am sure people will enjoy much Product Hunter cat stickers. :D
Hello, Hunters ! I am the co-founder and CEO of lollicam. Our team is very excited to be here in Product Hunt. Through lollicam project, our team wanna make some small changes on the ways of people's recording and editing Videos/GIFs everyday. When you just release the recording button on lollicam, your video will be ready to share. Don't make any more, just play with lollicam for your everyday videos. Stay tune with the changes our team will bring more in future !
Great work Summer and team! Another awesome new startup from South Korea!
@frank_meehan Thanks, Frank. :)
I'm assuming the goal is a @snapchat acquisition?