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Hi everybody. Big thanks to @mikaelcho for hunting! As usual, we made an app for something we care about. This time we made an app everybody could be a part of, and have fun, of course. The idea is simple - Loliful allows users from all around the world to collaborate on jokes. One person sets up the joke while the punchline is up to somebody else. We have big plans on making the app better: build iOS and Android versions with an enhanced mobile experience, create public and private groups, introduce channels, so that you could joke about your favourite TV show (Game of Thrones, eh?) or a sport event like Rio 2016 Olympics. Anything could trigger a good joke and a good laugh. We really hope you like Loliful, and we welcome any ideas, comments or suggestions!
To be fair, Howler has been around for some time.
@desmonddantzler Thanks for the comment, Desmond! To be completely fair, they launched their app not too long ago (the difference is a couple of months with us). On top of that, the first version of Loliful we launched 15 years ago (oh, boy), but in a different language segment :) Plus Howler doesn't allow you to share jokes as cards (images) and they do not provide an ability to share jokes via messengers like WhatsApp and Viber. Also, you don't have to sign up (in a traditional way) to use Loliful. Cheers!
@desmonddantzler And to be totally fair we've published the original version of loliful (called kontra back then) from 2003 to github. welcome ;)
I liked it
@rotemthegolfer Thank you, Rotem!
This just reminds me of the scene where Chandler and Ross fight over who's joke got published in Playboy xD
Awesome idea, i hope this takes off
@davidfiresterny Thank you, David! We have a pretty busy roadmap :)