Instant access to a personal travel service.

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I'm an avid Pana user—seems like Lola is similar. In what ways is Lola different?
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How does this differ from Pana?
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Travel and AI (and travel bots) seem to have a large amount of competition and variety. Tell us about lola and what is so awesome about it :) - the demo makes it look a lot more comprehensive than others I've seen but would love to hear the story behind it
@bentossell Planning travel is incredibly variable and complicated. Understanding what a traveler really wants and needs is still the province of humans. When you use Lola to plan and book, you are working with a human travel consultant, who will understand what you need in a way that no NLP chatbot can. We handle the this "front" part of the problem, understanding what you need, with a human, but then we provide that human with powerful predictive search tools so they can quickly make good recommendations to you. Another important notion is that planning a trip and then traveling is very much a long conversation. When you're on a trip, sometimes things go wrong, like a flight cancellation or some kind of hotel problem. With Lola, you just tap right into that conversation and say "help, my flight was cancelled," and somebody is helping you immediately. They don't have to ask who you are, or which flight was cancelled: they instantly know the context and can start fixing the problem.
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@agentbillo ahh I see! so its the combo that makes lola 🔥
@agentbillo @bentossell so excited to use this. I like the analogy to a "long conversation" -- it makes so much sense. It's why we had travel agents for so long. Not only for the curation or recommendation but also to handle things as bumps come up in the plans.
BostInno wrote a great piece about Lola and what their plans are: They have real travel agents assisted by AI (@zmrobins). I'm quite excited about their growth model, which is to allow any travel agent to go on the Lola platform in the future and help make bookings. No wonder @englishpaulm was driving people around using Uber a while back!
I just downloaded the app and the on-boarding experience was really cool! I'm curious what happens as my preferences change over time. Does Lola detect that or do I have to go in and change them?
@pseudovirtual Lola learns your habits, and makes future recommendations based on that.