LOL Colors

Curated color palette inspiration.

#5 Product of the WeekFebruary 22, 2016
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For those interested, I vlogged about creating LOL Colors :) You can watch that here:
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@mackenziechild loved this! Congrats on making it happen. πŸ’―
@mijustin Dude, thank you 😊
@mackenziechild yeah watched it and subscribed. great work, loved to see videoblogging videos with some substance instead of just travel vlogging pretending they give a crap about other people ;) - watching the WORK behind the scenes validates digital working so props for that.
Cool idea - it would awesome to be able to click on each teardrop and copy the hex code to clipboard for those of us using your palettes :)
@_derek_mei That's definitely on the roadmap :)
This is pretty cool. Mackenzie is a great designer and this is a curated color palette site instead of anyone and everyone just posting anything they want. Not to mention he made this whole thing in 24 hours!
@rjmccollam Thanks for hunting this, RJ πŸ™Œ And for the kind words 😊
Incredible, really like it
@jonthanfielding Thank you Jonathan 😊
Simple and slick - definitely bookmarked. A great resource for the non-designers among us :)
@hawkinsmike Yeah I hope it helps :)
Totally agree about utility for non-designers. There must be loads of us developers who kind of 'do it all' but have 0 sense for how to construct a color scheme for our products. Well done!
@sean_casey I'm hoping to change that ;) I'm working on a course aimed at developers who want to learn design. Should be out in a few months (End of April I'm thinking).