Quickly share your location in any app with a temporary url

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Every messaging app should have a "send my location" button, but most don't… even iMessages. This is a great small solution to that. I like the creatively simple way to getting the necessary user positions at the start. If you make apps it's probably worth downloading just to see that!
@benwtnb Hey Ben, thanks this was a 2 day project I built earlier in the month. The keyboard allows live sharing for short periods, probably better explained in the 20 second video: https://youtu.be/YqHCw71CzzU
@hopefullyuseful @benwtnb Wow, I didn't realize it was the live location! Hopefully someone at @ProductHunt might update the tagline to reflect that. Very cool!
A simple solution​ for a not so simple problem. Great work!
This is awesome!
This will be so useful for uber drivers! I'm going to use it starting today 🤗👍
They should consider adding the, stop sharing function to the app itself, just as they've done inside the keyboard.
@mjmcclain Inside the app, touch the big blue button again to stop sharing. Certainly could be more obvious.