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Thanks for hunting @nlukka! You said it best -- Lokely is all about finding and sharing recommendations for great local spots and upcoming events, whether in your home city or while traveling. Our goal is to build a location-based network for people to find and share recommendations, whether it's a new taco spot that opened up on your street or an upcoming live music show at your favorite dive bar. You can also tap into other cities to get recommendations while traveling. We fundamentally believe that people provide better recommendations than searching online, and that's our mission at Lokely. We'd love to hear your feedback!
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I'm excited to share Lokely App. @sean_langton and team have built a great way to get recommendations from locals (Lokes!) in different areas, the best type of recommendation!
Congrats @sean_langton and team! Love the design.
@raj_lala1 thanks so much!