Collect, aggregate and analyze log data

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Hey, Hunters! My name is Vlad and I’m the CEO of LogPacker. Thanks, @_jacksmith for your help and support! This is our first time on Product Hunt and we are more than excited to meet you all!!! LogPacker service was created to make your data life as easy as possible. It helps you to save time and resources for getting real money while LogPacker is collecting, analyzing and storing log files for you. The idea of creating LogPacker has appeared due to the crucial need of software engineers and developers for a good simple and reliable service for log collection. We’ve passionately developed LogPacker to be unique and user friendly product. Now you don’t have to wait long for service setting and support, and also to create a great number of “kludges”. LogPacker already contains “kludge” solutions and integrates with lots of software programs. I’m delighted to give all product hunters 10 GB cloud storage for free! Team here to help you with any issues and answer all your questions! Give it a shot!
Hey @vladislav_chernov. This space is super crowded. I'm constantly getting pitched new log aggregators. What makes your solution different/better from Papertrail or LogEntries?
@mscccc Hey Mike. We wanted to create a very effective platform, and I think we did it. It’s a clear, fast and fault-tolerant log management platform. We have a very well thought out architecture and you can use both a cloud solution and install your own LogPacker Cluster. 
About our efficiency - just look at our prices: 10GB for free now per month, 100GB - $10 per month, 1TB - 100$ per month.
Great stuff ! The walk through video doesn't have any audio in it ? Thanks 😊
@ayush_chandra thank you!) yes, unfortunately this version of video doesn't have audio... We are modest and don't want to scare anyone with our terrible accent
Does this work with websites too ?