Stop guessing which logo to use

Logoz is a simple way to find out which logo people like best.
Stop guessing which logo to use!
1. Upload two logos
2. Get votes and comments
3. Use the right logo for your next project
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Cool idea! But why do you have to log in to vote? It will dramatically lower the number of voters which is critical for the product to work.
@michael_karlstrom well, to be honest it is an easy way to minimize garbage clicks. but that is probably just lazy. I would love to not require login to vote and will re-think this...
@michael_karlstrom thanks for checking it out and leaving feedback!
Idea: When you have a bunch of logos from many developers or designers, show them all in a grid randomly and ask users to click the one that pops out most. Then you can give the A/B logos a visibility score.
@palsch this is really interesting. If I understand the idea you're saying show more than 2 at a time so folks can click one of many right?
@palsch and thanks for sharing the idea!
@awt Pretty much, yes. When I test my logo, I often put it into a screenshot of Google Play or the App Store to see if it pops out. One could let logos "compete" with each other in an isolated sandbox like your cool website and let people just click the icon that pops into their eyes first, so that logo creators can find out which of two icons stand out against others in the real world, not just when the user has the choice between two possibilities. The concept is already great, and I think this could enhance it even further.
@pal_sch okay i get it. that makes a lot of sense! thanks again
@palsch Nice idea! That would make a sort of challenge between logos inside the site and maybe you could also choose to upload just one logo and test with this challenge mode, or two logos and test with the current a/b mode
Hey PH - I made this because I was tired of guessing which logo to use for my projects... Logoz is simple product where you can upload two logos and find out which one people ❤
Would love to know what you think and what might make it more useful to you!
@awt Like it! A nice feature could be to see different backgrounds or mockup preview, in order to be able to express a vote by seeing the logo not only on a white background, but that could affect the simplicity of the product, which I think is very good… so, don't know :D Nice job!
@mikewellback one of the next things to add was background color options...but hadn't thought of a preview - that's a great idea!
@mikewellback Thanks for looking and giving me feedback!!