A full-service creative agency for startups

We create human-crafted custom logos (no pseudo-AI BS), corporate identity design, 3D visualization, UI&UX, and we specialize in startups. Fixed deadlines and fixed pricing.

For non-profit organizations, we provide 80% discount on all design packages to make sure that the remaining 20% is covered by grants.

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Hello Product Hunters 🎉 We got tired of two things: cheap and poorly crafted "AI generated" logos; and unclear deadlines with vague prices in design space. That's why Logotect was born 🤘 Our focus is on providing fixed timing design services for fast pace companies, like us. We also want to give back, that is why we collaborate with non-profits to make sure they get all necessary design support to pitch and involve contributors in new projects and campaigns for social good! As a matter of our listing on Product Hunt, we start our cool promotion. We will do a 🆓 free logo for everyone who asks for it in the comments 🤪. Pretty much we make our “Bootstrapping” option free for everyone on Product Hunt. Simply comment below with the name of your company and a short description of what you do, and we'll send a logo for your company in the comments. No sign ups, no obligation, no hidden terms ( 😤 gosh, we hate those!). We will also send source files in .ai, .svg, .esp in DM to the new owner. Logotect team is waiting for your logo requests now
@mozgovoy_anton Hello! I'm establishing a company called Ellis King Associates. We are group of researchers, designers, and teachers who provide creative tools and services to people working for socially-responsible industries and companies. We provide our services for little or no fees, and we will operate in a not-for-profit model. We are an international organization with presence in various cities in Europe and the USA. May we please benefit from your logo service offer?
@ali_a1 hey! Thanks for your message. I do value a lot your decision to work in the non-profit area. Just to be clear, would you be looking for a full package, or we can make a free logo for you. We'll share it either way in a bit
@ali_a1 There we go: (we will also DM you with the source files)
@mozgovoy_anton Thank you so much! I look forward to getting the source files, and thank you for supporting us!
@ali_a1 just check out your DM ) its already there
website’s design is so awesome!
@alexis_ thanks! we appreciate that!
I’m not quite sure who came up with all these psychedelic illustrations but they are freaking awesome
@antonina_mozgova we just fantasized) tried to draw something special ;-)
This is awesome! Love the non-profit approach! Can I get a free logo? Working on a side startup called Fetch which is a local taxi/cab hailing service.
@ken_truong have started) just wait for couple of hours and we'll be back with your logo :-)
@ken_truong piece of cake)
@saltova wow awesome work! thank you so much.
@ken_truong you're always welcome!