Logoshuffle generates creative logo ideas from your specifications. Artificial intelligence, sophisticated learning algorithms and countless fonts, layouts and color variations create unique logo designs and ensure accurate brand identities. With every “Shuffle.” Try it: With Logoshuffle, you do not need to be a designer to create your own logo!

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It still confuses me how people think they can automate the creative process when compared to other industries. Would you ever try a 'Tax return shuffle', 'Employment contract shuffle', 'lawyer shuffle' or anything else that is considered "important". Design needs to stop being considered an inferior part of the business. Invest in your brand and your visual identity by hiring someone who knows what they are doing. It will affect your business more than you ever realise.
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@robjbye we believe that designers should see logoshuffle.com as a tool to accelarate the creative process and facilitate creating beautifull logo designs
@robjbye Totally agree. For orgs w/ very limited resources, this is probably a way to go - but otherwise...no.
@scottwwilliams I think even UpWork or people per hour would produce better results for $15
@robjbye : I can actually see this being useful for really small businesses owned and operated by individuals - like plumbers or HVAC technicians or water delivery services...these people are usually running their own show with maybe 1-5 employees....and they likely aren't as interested in design, nor have the money to pay a designer for a high-quality logo. This could be a lower-cost option for them.
@robjbye Dentistry Shuffle
The website is beautiful and very well designed. I actually tried to use and see what it will generate for Guggy (my company) and I couldn't find one example I liked (although I only used it for 5 minutes). I believe that if I would spend more time and concentrate more on the colors and icons it can produce something very cool. So from me
@rotemthegolfer Thank you very much for your feedback
Quick, Crazy, and Worth. Liked the concept and also the outputs. Work on colors and icons, as told by @rotemthegolfer . And kudos for opening up a new thing to sell. :)
@acpmasquerade thanks as well !
once again - creativity pushed at lower end. Low quality logo won't do any good. Better learn 15 minutes photoshop tutorial in youtube, you'll get better than this. Seriously, unless AI rules creativity, i don't see it working.
Looks awesome! Definitely promising. Two words though "genetic algorithms". I would love to perfect my design through selecting what I like. Otherwise it feels too random, and gets boring after a while.
@pbadenski thank you for the great feedback!!!!
I think people spend too much time in the beginning thinking about a logo or starting the llc and not starting. A logo doesn't have to be the starting point until you actually need to create a brand. This product is great for just going!