Bible study-as-a-service

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Tom Masiero
Tom MasieroHunterHiring@blendahtom · GM of LaunchBit
This is a very ambitious project from the team at Logos. Essentially a seminary resource in your pocket.
Jacob Hobbie
Jacob Hobbie@hobbiejacob · Software Developer/Philosopher
Logos' products have always been amazing and easy to use, but very costly. Making a subscription service might make it affordable for others. Hoping to try this out soon for a sermon I'm working on!
I agree with @linkchef, I know Logos has some amazing products but the prices are too high for me. Also, I'm not a theologian but the guy on the website in the picture for the "Plus" plan is not Charles Spurgeon. I hope you didn't pay for that picture.
Sam Mazaheri
Sam Mazaheri@sammmer · Growth Marketing, Lyft
@fbara The guy in the picture is searching for "baptism" and the Spurgeon quote is just a search result
Stefano Bernardi
Stefano Bernardi@stefanobernardi · Investor
Are you kidding me?
Nate Smoyer
Nate SmoyerMaker@natesmoyer
@stefanobernardi Hey Stafano, I'd be glad to help answer any questions you have regarding Logos Cloud.