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#3 Product of the DayJanuary 13, 2017
That's not a logo generator (there's no such thing). It's a graphics generator. I really dislike how people throw the word "logo" around as if it was a random pretty picture. It betrays a huge ignorance as to what the value of a brand is and what role a logo plays in projecting that brand.
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@andreasduess @siftery "logo template" always hit me funny because if you're doing the logo right, there should be nothing "tempalated" about it. That said, some small businesses just need a mark that's "unique enough"; I could see this type of tool being useful for small scale local businesses and for encouraging would-be designers to explore their creativity. And I'm all for more people exploring their creativity.
Wondering if this was not more useful as a desktop app rather than iOS app
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@thejoaosantos same here. Why would you design your logo on your phone rather than on your laptop? 😖
@thejoaosantos for people that just sell stuff on Instagram, and primarily run their business on mobile.
@thejoaosantos If I had to guess I'd say they built it as a mobile app because more people have access to iPhones than Macs these days. A web version would be ideal, but then again, I can imagine they'd have a harder time getting people to register and go through the payment process.
@jamie452 @bradenhamm well if you consider younger and mobile-only generation, it might make sense. However, in most of the businesses, you need to use at least once a Mac/PC - even if only to pay your taxes ;)
It looks like they have debuted this app on the app store under three slightly different names since 2015. They are all still available.
LogoMetric helps you design a logo in minutes from your mobile. Has hundreds of fully editable & custom made Logo Templates, 120 hand-picked fonts and supports high-resolution exports for digital and print uses.
are all the illustrations built by hand? or auto-generated/scraped?
@ggnall Having used this, it's just a large library of stock graphics. Fairly large variety and high quality compared to similar tools.