DIY logo maker for your next project

Logomaster is a DIY logo maker for your next project. It helps founders create professional logo designs without a designer's help. Designing a logo is free, pay to generate the logo files only when you are satisfied with the result.

  • Patrick Ng
    Patrick NgSoftware Engineer

    Can create unique and beautiful logo


    Limited language support yet

    The price is quite affordable. Most logos in the list generated are in good quality, except some logos are too simple in design.

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  • Chau Wing Wai
    Chau Wing WaiDeveloper

    Friendly to use, nice UI, and provide a great quality of logo!


    Sometimes it needs to load a bit more time

    Good one.

    Chau Wing Wai has used this product for one day.
Awesome for people starting a project with no design skills. UX is great, congrats 👏
@jackytwh Thank you Jacky! Glad that you like it!
Hello guys, This is Simon here. I am the co-founder of Logomaster.ai. I am happy to be here to introduce it to all of you. As a product hunter, we always want to try new things. No matter it's a side project idea or starting a business, we all need a logo. Seeking help from a designer is awesome, but sometimes you just don't want to wait, or maybe we just want to test the water. So you need a fast and nice way to get your logo done. Now you can design your own logo at Logomaster.ai. It's an online DIY logo maker. It helps you create hundreds of beautiful logo ideas within minutes. What you need to do is to pick a few of the design, tweak around with our easy-to-use edit panel. Then BOOM, you got your logo! ⚡️ A quick few highlights of Logomaster.ai - Super easy to use - Over 1 millions icons and 2000 fonts to choose from - Support creating logo in different languages including English and its related Latin characters, Arabic, Russian, Korean, Tamil, Telugu, Thai and Vietnamese. We are going to support more soon. - Logo files in various formats, including JPG, PNG, SVG, EPS and PDF if you choose our premium package We are offering a special discount to all product hunters. Please visit our site to get the discount. Please let me know if you have any question for us.
@spk3112 Hey Simon, great product. I was wondering - if it's okay to ask - with which company did you register your .ai domain and roughly how much did it cost? I'm looking to register one for myself.
@spk3112 this is awesome. I'm excited to use this in the future.
@spk3112 this is awesome. I'm excited to use this in the future.
@emileferreira_ Thank you Emile. I think both 101domain and marcaria.com could handle .AI domain registration. They both cost a little bit more than $120 for 2 years. We are using marcaria.com FYI.
@rubio_tv Thank you Danny. Hope to see you around :)
Great job !! 😊 Hope it doesn’t ask for payment after all the customisation has been done and free download
@ayush_chandra and, have your hopes been crushed? :')
@ayush_chandra Aha, I hope you like our website's service though. We once had a free option but found that we couldn't survive with that 😢
How does this hold up to LogoJoy? It looks to me like very much the same service and set-up process. It's pretty slick, although it wouldn't let me choose the "dark background / light text" version of a logo I designed. And that's the version I RLY wanted!
@planetjk Thanks JK! I think we and LogoJoy are solving the same problem and they are really good at presenting their logo designs. I really love their awesome style guide! But we've handle some details that most of our competitors do not do well, which is multi-languages. Our service could handle user input with languages like Arabic, Russian, Korean and more, while most other services just simply show blank design. It allows us to serve non-English speaking community around the globe. But at the very end, our goal is to catch up with the ability of a human designer. At this current stage I think we are still way behind the goal, and hopefully we could all make better logos with more intuitive UX. To answer your question, indeed we do provide both the dark and light version at our Premium package, while only light background is provided at our Basic package 😉
Love this! Made my new logo in minutes. Bloody well done lads :)
@basicgravity What a nice logo done there! Glad that you like our service :) All the best for your venture!
@spk3112 Thanks. I love the logo. Left you a 5 star Trust pilot review 👍