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#2 Product of the DaySeptember 23, 2018

We create powerful, compelling brands for startups, companies, and organizations. Without the algorithms.

Behrad Khodayar
Annie Milton
Brendon Dahlquist
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Lino Grubben
Lino Grubben@linogrubben · Product Designer
Your examples and website look awesome! Very fair prices.
Behrad Khodayar
Behrad Khodayar@behradkhodayar · Blockchain Researcher&Developer
Well done, specially the open-source & non-profit free-of-charge service section. Just a question: Do you think you can afford the "Fast Turnaround" ( I mean that "Get your logo design package back within 3 days from purchase." stuff ) commitment even when you hopefully grow & get crowded? There is no need to guarantee such thing, & let be be discussed in client negotiations. Anyway, good luck Anthony :-) I'll get back to you for my upcoming open source project ;-)
AnthonyMaker@damicoa1 · Designer & Maker
@behradkhodayar Hi Behrad! Thanks for the feedback 😀You're definitely right on the fast turnaround. With the current incoming requests, It should be no problem to hit that mark, assuming the clients don't have too much back and forth. But it's not a very scalable number if large amounts of requests come through so that number is likely to increase to a more manageable amount of time in the future. For now though, it's working out pretty well so will stick with it! Thanks again for your note and please do reach out for any upcoming source projects. Would love to help!
Adam Cochran
Adam Cochran@adamscochran · Growth@DuckDuckGo, Amateur maker
Beautiful logos and great pricing! As someone who works with a lot of non-profits, its great to also see a free way for them to get a reputable brand image. Have you thought of partnering with printing groups to offer the non-profits a brand package of biz cards etc? Many of them can't afford the logo design, but have budgets for assets (and many grants cover assets). Might be a good way to cover the costs of the social good you're doing!
James Gallagher
James Gallagher@jamesg_oca · Publicly Traded Person, Founder
Congrats on the launch! Your website design is awesome 🚀 It's great to see somebody approach logo generation from a different angle (unlike the current machine learning based options).
Simon Chiu
Simon Chiu@geetfun
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