logobot is an AI-powered logo generator with the vision of creating semantically rich logos instantaneously.

The idea is that you can see the logo before you buy it.

You don't need to pay anything unless you like a logo so much that you want to have it.

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We only just started recently. There are hundreds of logo generators out there already - but we aim to slowly move towards more semantically rich logos by making use of the latest developments in AI / Machine Learning. This is a project of a bunch of academics and we'll improve the platform over the next days and weeks.
@wichmaennchen the project is really interesting : i will wait next improvements :-)
@wichmaennchen just had a try, but got this error: 502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.10.3 (Ubuntu)
@jake_w Thank you. I just saw this. It looks like the site got hammered. Looking into this right now.
@jake_w It should work again. Not sure why the app did not auto-restart. I am sorry.
@francogug Thank you. We are also working on more intelligent logos, such as these where we find icons to replace letters: https://www.instagram.com/p/BiLY...

The platform must be improved


Good platform


error 502 on selecting logos

Arghh, sorry that you encountered technical issues. I programmed the site from scratch and we need to make it more robust and faster. I am sorry and will improve it.
I hope to have solved the main problem now. But I will further improve the code base and migrate to a more scalable platform.
Great job!! 😊 Hope it free to download the customised logo without paying it
@ayush_chandra Happy to give you a 100% voucher. Just PM me via Twitter.
@ayush_chandra Special offer while we're ramping up and experiencing technical difficulties (502 errors when app crashes).
@ayush_chandra @wichmaennchen I'd be up for some of this :) the app looks good albeit still encountering very slow performance / crashes.
@ayush_chandra @scott_clennell I am sorry for the sluggishness of the app. We had many hundred users and were not prepared for it. Message me via Twitter (@wichmaennchen) for a discount voucher during our ramping up phase.
Getting logos done is such a pain. Something like this may make it a bit less stressful.
Used it! It creates really cool logos and real quick. I wonder, how unique it will be if i'll use it/