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Hmmm, logos are decent. but pricing, not impressed at all. This is my personal view. I wouldn't spend $600 for a pre-made logo. There are 1000s of professional logo designers on Fiverr and other websites. Believe me, they can develop much better logos than these, you have options to choose and revise the logo. They charge between $5(basic) and $100 (premium). so what makes logo pizza special?? When it comes to professional logo design, people do spend a lot of money (>$250) on a logo design, but not on a pre-made logo. A logo should be designed based on the company's value (or) should represent the company. A professional logo is expensive because it's "custom made". Would you pay the same money for "stock wedding images" and "wedding photography"??? No, absolutely not. Pizza logo is a good concept but pricing model can definitely be improved.
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*starting at* $600....
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@rghanem1 never mind just that... the price goes up $20 after a logo is bought If you wait to buy you you could be spending a whole lot more!
@bentossell a weird but not wonderful pricing strategy. Needs a rethink!
@rghanem1 When it was on HN, the starting price was $40 or $20, people have bought a lot since!
@rghanem1 why these non-customized logos are so expensive?
At that price you might as well do 99Designs and get around 60 logo variations.
I mean, I'm not offended at $600 for a logo if it's great, but I am offended that some of these seem to be rips from actual logos. Horse Mane http://logo.pizza/horse-mane Team Liquid https://www.google.com/search?q=... Green Building http://logo.pizza/green-building Breather https://www.google.com/search?q=...
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This is such a cool idea. From the guys who brought you Isotope comes some killer, exclusive logos for cheap.
@trevorhinesley as much as i love the logos, $600 is not cheap, especially if you convert it to the currency here in India :/ Right @h_halvi?
@ambonium @h_halvi it didn't start at $600, they've gone up $20 for every logo bought since it began.
@trevorhinesley @ambonium As much as i like the concept of increasing the price i think there needed to be a limit IMHO. Not everyone is Uber :)
@h_halvi @ambonium totally understand!
I wonder what would happened if other services would have used this pricing system. Cloud storage - 20$ increase for every 1GB to buy! Domain Names - 20$ increase for every letter you register! Cell Phones - 20$ increase for every text you send/minute you talk! So much fun!