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#4 Product of the DaySeptember 25, 2018

Logo Lab puts logos to the test. Simply upload a logo, and you’ll be presented with visual experiments that test key factors like scalability, silhouette, and balance. Easily determine where a logo succeeds and where it could use some improvement.

Osman Erdi Balcıoğlu
Anthony Thong Do
Maxime Siméon
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    Realistic approach to test your Logo!



    Absolutely the realistic approach to test your Logo! Plain & beautiful design, clearly understanable descriptions for your logo. It may be a basic standart to test your logo designs quickly.

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Brandon Shepherd
Brandon ShepherdMaker@bransshep · Designer and Tool Maker
Hi guys! Good logos tend have a few common characteristics. This includes being able to be used at different size, inside various containers, in color or black and white, ect. We created Logo Lab to be an easy way to quickly test the most common qualities a good logo should have. It’s great for showing clients where their current logo fails and where a newly designed logo succeeds. It’s also great for people just starting out in logo design who want to ensure they are following best practices.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Love this tool, @bransshep. I just ran the Product Hunt "P" logo through it and fortunate we're safe (which is expected, considering how simple the logo is).
Brandon Shepherd
Brandon ShepherdMaker@bransshep · Designer and Tool Maker
@rrhoover Awesome! I'm not surprised your logo passed. You all seem to know what you're doing 😎
Ikbel Hammami
Ikbel Hammami@imhammami · I HAVE A DREAM
@bransshep @rrhoover it's just a P
Brett Shepherd
Brett ShepherdMaker@brettsshep · Designer and Tool Maker
We really hope you guys enjoy Logo Lab! What do you think of it, and is there anything you’d like us to add in the future?
Quentin Lemaire
Quentin Lemaire@quentinlemr · Communications Boss, H2G Lab
I just tried your product, and even as a Communication Boss, I have to say that Logo Lab really made me realised things I would have missed when judging a logo, because how simple it is to use, how beautiful and clear is the interface, and more importantly because of how you put exemples next to each others so we can actually see where are the problems with a logo. I mean, I know my logo should be recognisable whereas it is big or tiny, but have both of them side to side is great and so simple. I also love to see how my logo would look for a colourblind person, and see my logo around famous one so I could see if it was reaching attention or not. This is great work, and I will definitely use your tool every-time I'll have to update my logo or create one. Thanks for the good work @brettsshep & @brandonsheppard !
Brandon Shepherd
Brandon ShepherdMaker@bransshep · Designer and Tool Maker
@quentinlemr Thanks so much for taking the time to give feedback! Super glad you get value from it, and I hope it helps you create great logos in the future!
Owen Far
Owen Far@owenfar1 · Master Web Development
This is very much useful! Thanks for building it, upvoted 🚀
Brandon Shepherd
Brandon ShepherdMaker@bransshep · Designer and Tool Maker
Glad you like it @owenfar1 😃