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how is a flash-based product that makes it easier for any random person replace a designer at the top of Product Hunt - a site that is regularly visited by designers and technologists lol this is so trashy ya'll for real design has gotten so much further than this
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@saevant I think the reason it's so highly upvoted is because it's interesting (and that's about it). There is absolutely NO WAY that this product will replace a professional designer. This is just as bad as using MS Paint to design your logo or brand.
@irvingtorresyc @saevant but no one realizes that man they think they r fucking smart even the billionaires starting businesses on here dont be naive bruh
@irvingtorresyc @saevant sorry i love ya'll im just stating my opinion i swear its a positive tone
"this empowers people who shouldnt be doing logos, to do logos" - my coworker who isnt even a designer
Lolz, have we seen this logo generator from SquareSpace? http://squarespace.com/logo
@moyicat this is pretty cool. Did not know much about the logo creator on squarespace. Good for creating quick placeholders for a non-designer.
Interesting, may be more for a client that want to make a "prototype" and show it to a designer or agency for explain his need ;-)
You need a logo for a side project, landing page, startup here you go. Remember folks that not everybody has the cash to have one do at the pro level. This gives you a working tool to try out an idea
@workstationw there is a wide area between pro and this worthless product. http://www.squarespace.com/logo/ is a decent place to start.