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Logo Foundry is a professional Logo Design Suite App for Android and iOS that lets you create professional branding for your business in Minutes!

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Just installed it on iPad and its stuck on "Please wait while we extract the contents of the app" screen for so long now. Haven't seen such a setup process before, sucks!
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@ashfame This is a one-time operation and is done only once when you install and launch the app for the very first time. We uncompress about 6000 shapes & symbols on first launch and that's the reason for delay. We are already working on a way to reduce this time.
@lastashero @ashfame Does my phone need to be opened to the app as it does this?
@coupdegraceb Yes - it's just takes a few minutes.
@lastashero @ashfame You should show a dialog that explains this; maybe let the user play pong during the few minutes :)
Waited nearly 5 minutes on the "Extracting Contents page" while staring at a screen full of ads. Needless to say I deleted the app.
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@johnrwhaley Same here. Not optimized for 6+, but not that big of a deal. The ads though. I had 2 banners and 2 full screen popups within 3 minutes.
@thejarren @johnrwhaley We just released an update to the app and the app doesn't have an extraction process anymore. The app launches immediately and is ready to use the very second it is launched. We have also made some UI/UX fixes and reduced the ads significantly based on the feedback we have received so far. Will appreciate if you can have a look at it now and let me know of your feedback.
Logo Foundry has a great collection of in-built tools that let's you create professional looking logos. - 3000+ Symbols, Shapes & Icons arranged by Category - Easy search function that lets you search for symbols by keywords - Advanced text editing tools that let's you create beautiful typography for the logo - Support for advanced text layouts such as Circular Text & Wavy Text - Professional layer management functions that let's you work on logos at ease - Export to Transparent PNG or Flat JPG files - Ability to Save, Restore and Reuse logo templates along with their layers Whatever branding you want to create - a logo, sticker or label, Logo Foundry lets you create one at ease.
Just wondering, why would I want to create logos on my phone? This is a desktop medium purpose. It's like if you created an app to create a website easily on your phone.
@_alexiroy Same... A logo should be carefully constructed, it's your brand, should be perfect! It's super difficult to get this right on mobile/touch screens. Might benefit from having a 'snap' or grid feature when moving objects.
Great idea if you're bootstrapping or need a logo to test and idea out with