Logo Comparison Tool

Get feedback from friends on your logo ideas

Logo Comparison Tool lets you showcase your logo concepts in one simple image, and quickly get feedback from your friends.

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Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
Hey @joetannorella I often see threads on Slack channels or Facebook groups I'm in where founders are seeking feedback on a new logo design. I like how this simple tool you've built lets them gather opinions in an easy way -- what motivated you to start working on this?
Joe Tannorella
Developer & Marketer
Thanks so much for hunting @abadesi :-) Over the last 10 years of freelancing I've found myself on both sides of the fence - as a designer (agency), and as a client. In this time I've really become aware of some of the inefficiencies of the client-agency relationship. The main inefficiency is that poor briefs can absolutely wreck a project in terms of quality; timelines; agency being recommended or not; starting off on a good vs. bad foot; profitability for the agency (rework); and so on. It's horrible. I built LetsCommence.com to solve this problem first for logo designers, tackling the remote designer market where this problem exists the most (think UpWork, Freelancer, etc.) This poor brief inefficiency exists in every vertical though - not only logo design. LetsCommence solves this problem by bringing the logo design brief into a simple online interface, that is (I think) a delight to use compared with the usual Word doc log briefs. I noticed my users, and many others online (especially on LinkedIn), manually creating images containing their logo concepts; asking their audience to choose their favourite. I thought a better way to achieve this is by building a quick online interface for it, where you don't need to login or register to use it. Hope everyone likes! Do let me know if you have any ideas/suggestions for it :)