Logitech Pop Home Switch

Simple smart home control for the whole family

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It would have been worth it if it supported HomeKit
Noah Kim
Product Design @ FB
@hmurchison really? Who uses homekit besides apple zombies that have like a 2-device home "automation" setup? I think it's pretty "worth it" because it's not homekit.
@wuss Here's why it's not a good value to me. I have an Ecobee Thermostat, Philips Hue system and when Chamberlain delivers Homekit proper I'll add that it with August doorlocks. Number of devices means nothing as I have to use my thermostat and lights everyday. Their impact to my comfort is quite high. Phillips has a dimmer that can be purchased for 20 dollars. It has 4 buttons that are programmable and looks like a standard light switch in color and form factor. I use an app named iConnectHue that will allow me to assign 8 scenes. I can choose to use HomeKit to create routines that are voice enabled or use the physical switch. With the Logitech product I have to put another bridge on my power strip. Their wall button is non standard and I must use their app to setup the control. So really I'm paying 99 dollars for a product that delivers no more utility than a Hue Bridge and 40 dollars in dimmers. I just don't think Logi is going to be that much of a player in Home Automation and this product doesn't really tick the right boxes for HA enthusiasts
Leon Hitchens
Digital Marketing Strategist
Having a physical switch for smart products always irks me, but at the same time I understand why they are around.
Clinton Christian
Founder @ Cinch
@leonhitchens it did for me as well, but for example, imagine not having to run wiring for light switches in the near future.
Alfonso C. BetancortShot, develop & print 300 rolls of film.
Probably, the most simple, intelligent and bold use of iot I have seen yet. Actually not a gadget but a cost saver, useful, implementation of iot. Now you can build your next house while forgetting to wire (and all stuff that is associated with it) any switches to whatever... And if you happen to change your mind the year after on the number, location o what you want control with any of them, you'll just have: move them, buy more units, reprogram any of them... While Logitech implementation leaving out HomeKit support is clearly design and marketing mistake, I hope that they will correct in future revisions of the firmware or hardware.