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Hi, folks! LoginPress is an innovative plugin to customize and secure your boring login pages in WordPress. It has 20+ ReadyMade designs of the login page for startups, businesses, bloggers and photographers. If you have any question, let me know in the comments below. @_jacksmith Thank you for hunting this product. LoginPress's Birth Story ================= At @WPBrigade We were working for a client and her demand was to modify the login page with their branding. We used WordPress hooks and modified the login page for her and ended up building a WordPress plugin for all of our clients. We thought It shouldn't be limited to our clients, we moved forward and launched it on WordPress.org https://wordpress.org/plugins/lo... for Free. After 6 months, We planned to monetize it, added premium features and launched it's Pro version which works on the top of Free version. So far, the response is great. We're getting 100+ downloads every day. Top Features ========== = Everything on the Login Page is Customizable through WordPress Customizer. = Google reCaptcha to protect your login pages from hackers. = Customize the layout of Login Page with your Company Branding and Logos. = 20+ built-in designs by us. = Google fonts Integration. Future Roadmap =========== = Limit Login attempts = Social login integration = Two-factor authentication = suggest if you have anything in your mind? Cheers! Adnan
Would love to try this out and review it 😄 Any founder interested in hooking up to do this?
Hi Adnan, It looks great. Just upvoted it :) One thing, I usually don't like installing new plugins for every new thing. Do you have any tutorial to do these things without plugins, I mean by editing and modifying few files? Any article link will be highly appreciated. Thank you,
@niteshmanav Yep. Here it is https://codex.wordpress.org/Cust... I don't like a lot of plugins to install on my WP sites. I keep them minimum as much as possible. but sometimes You have to use plugins because of your needs. It's easy to plug n play and enhance the functionality.
This looks great. Quick question, does this cover registration forms as well?
@jay_hoffmann Yes, Login, Registration and Forgot password forms.
@hiddenpearls Awesome, you should put that up on the site!
@jay_hoffmann ok, I will mention it. Thanks.
This plugin looks really great! But after 10 minutes checking your site and wordpress.org I'm still unable to find the difference between the free and pro version...
@joid just install the Free version and you will find it :)
@hiddenpearls @joid Why don't you just tell us instead. What a weird response.
@flowsion Apologies, I didn't mean to be weird. BTW Pro version includes Built-in designs, Google reCaptcha and Google fonts.
@joid Pro version includes Built-in designs, Google reCaptcha and Google fonts.
is demo video for Pro features.