Analogue game for digital minds

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Logifaces is a set of prisms, each with different top angles, hand-poured from concrete. Boost your creativity with this set of hand-poured concrete prisms! Logifaces can be arranged in millions of variations, allowing you to find endless patterns in its computer-generated forms. There is only one rule to the game: Create a form by placing the prisms next to each other to form a continuous surface. Logifaces can be a game for many situations:
  • A meditative tool: Tune out the noisy din of everyday life - finding the right solution focuses your attention and calms your thoughts
  • A creativity booster: Think of new forms and try to assemble them with a continuous surface.
  • A challenge for your logical thinking skills: Find the place for each prism in the equilateral triangle or any other given form - a challenge for even the most experienced gamers.