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Try the new way to manage your team effectively.
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LogicalPlan is designed to help your team focus on what matters most each and every day.
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@debarati_ghosh Hello, LogicalPlan is for application for plan capacity and manage your team using visual tools.. After registration you have 14 day trial for test it... I can see, that you are HR manager - you can use LogicalPlan for your business, we have template of project called - HR Onboard New Hire
Hello Product Hunters. We built LogicalPlan because we were frustrated by using the tools like Asana, Trello, etc. All these tools lacked a comprehensive overview of all projects. That is our mission.. Create a simple tool, which will be easy to use and give you comprehensive visual overview of your team's work. This is the very first version of our product, and we are working hard on version 2. Hope you like it (& try it!) , and please leave your comments below - we're always improving the product and love feedback and suggestions!
Hi, your product is cool. I love it! 🤩 My feeling: your UI is a bit to complicate according to me for task creation. I think you should have a simple input like trello and big modal for more details. Other than that, I think LogicalPlan is very nice👍
@b_tallandier we are already working on version 2 of our product, it will be ready in July. Are interested to get an early access to beta?
@b_tallandier Hello, thanks for your feedback.. I know, that UI is really confusing right now.. We are working on version 2 with better UI, and mainly with mind map tool for project management.. But we are still focus on create simple visual tool for create nice and "Logical Plan" :-)
@jakub_helesic Why not, I would be very happy to give some feedbacks ;)
@b_tallandier Hey Benoit, if wanna test some drafts of the preparing version LP, please let me know your email into message..
Nice looking site and tool! Couple feedback notes: 1. It's not immediately clear if you are comparing your service with Trello, or implying you have made a visualization tool for multiple Trello boards. 2. For pricing, there is probably a market for savvy project managers who are going to get a single license, but manage other people. A slightly higher cost (possibly) plan with basic PM functionality like task dependency might be a good idea. (As a side note, Gantt chart tools that don't have task dependency... maybe i'm an outlier though) 3. Some of the tooltips are mixed up https://cl.ly/eea5b65b4637
@jud5on Hello Judson, thanks for your message.. 1. Yeah you have right - it's really useful feedback. We are working on section - solution - to website, where we can more deeply explain connection with Trello.. 2. It is really difficult to set prices that will be "comfortable" for all groups and users. Actual pricing model is set-up according our idea - tool is for collaboration for manager and his teams.. Not only as designer tool to schedule for project manager.. We must working with data and we will see.. 3. thanks, that's really stupid bug - we will fix that Anyway thank you for your feedback, and we will be really glad if you will test LogicalPlan.
Great to see that you’re including an api, not enough saas tools are doing this, id like to see how the beta version could replace harvests forecast as well, can I join this beta?
@lori_dunkin Hello Lori, thanks for your interest. It's a really good question. I think that LogicalPlan could replace Harvest forecast thanks combination of schedule every single projects with overview of resources across all projects.. Overview across all projects is main added value of our project.. If you are interest in test beta version - I can create account, but in May.. Or you can create account on stable version now - logicalplan.com