Logic Pro X

Music production. Cranked up to X.

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Aaron Dowd
Chris Sederqvist
  • Chris Sederqvist
    Chris SederqvistSoftware Developer and hobby musician

    Simplicity, you can choose to use it as an advanced version of Garage Band, or enable advanced settings and the sky is the limit


    The only "con" I can think of after the 10.4.4 update is that it's MacOS only.

    A safe choice for anyone that wants to pursue a career in the music production business, lot's of famous producers and studios use Logic. Also it's easy to get started with, you can basically begin by using Garage Band for free, and when you outgrow it, pay $200 for a massive upgrade to Logic Pro X. Projects from GB are even interchangeable with Logic! Logic Pro X has an incredible built-in sound library ( 60 GB +/- ), and awesome sounding plugins built-in, for a third of the price of other professional DAW's with similar functionality. One tip that I always tell people is: Make the most out of the built-in effects and utilities, BEFORE starting to waste money on plugins. That way you learn the DAW's ins and outs and when you actually hit a wall, then you can start looking for a plugin to solve your problem / need, AFTER reading the fantastic documentation that comes with Logic, and also, get this book: https://amzn.to/2MMshH6

    Chris Sederqvist has used this product for one year.
  • Aaron Dowd
    Aaron DowdI help people make awesome podcasts.

    Powerful, useful for making podcasts sound great, a great deal for the price ($199).


    Bit of a learning curve, very powerful, so many buttons. Not really made for podcast production (but it still works great)

    I've been using Logic Pro to produce and edit podcasts since about 2012 and I love it.

    Aaron Dowd has used this product for one year.