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Logic Hop brings the power of personalization to WordPress

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Logic Hop automatically gathers data about your visitors & displays personalized content based on their behaviors.

Use built-in conditions or easily click-to-create your own rules & goals to show content based on over 40 pieces of data for an automated, personalized experience.

The Logic Hop plugin is free for WordPress.

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Justin Jackson
Justin JacksonHunter@mijustin · ⚡️ transistor.fm
It's not enough to just have a static website anymore. Today's web visitor expects the experience to be personalized for them. Think: Amazon's homepage, or Netflix recommendations. Even crazier: when someone opts into your list, you can personalize the page even more with their gravatar, name, and whether or not they've purchased from you. I'm doing this here on devmarketing.xyz:
Laura Elizabeth
Laura Elizabeth@laurium · UI/UX Designer, Laurium Design
Awesome! This sounds a bit like what Brennan said in his talk at Microconf. Cool to see personalisation gaining traction :-)
Michael Newman
Michael NewmanMaker@mjnewman · LogicHop.com
Hey Product Hunt! Thank you for hunting Logic Hop @mijustin. So happy to have you as a user and a supporter! Logic Hop started out as a simple concept – Add content personalization to WordPress. It’s been a really fun project that’s both a humbling learning experience and a really exciting platform to build. Starting as a concept in July of 2016, and soft-launching in early 2017, the goal was to work with a small group of users, understand their needs and build the best content personalization tool for WordPress while providing great support. With Logic Hop 2.0 I believe we’re well on our way to achieving that goal and consider 2.0 our official release! Logic Hop is fully integrated with WordPress and works by adding conditional logic that can be used to display personalized content based on a variety of data points such as referrer, query strings, pages viewed, site activity and custom goals. There are a variety of ways to personalize content including Shortcodes, dynamic widgets, post-load javascript and conditional CSS. What’s most exciting for me is that Logic Hop really serves as a robust condition and goal engine; you can use default conditions to accomplish simple tasks, like swapping headlines or build your own conditions that can handle complex scenarios. Add-on integrations allow you to display user data from your email service provider to make your site truly personal and also create conditions based on tags, custom fields and more. Integrations are currently available for ConvertKit, Drip, WooCommerce, ActiveCampaign and Google Analytics. We’re actively working on adding Facebook Pixel support as well as MailChimp and Salesforce integrations. While Logic Hop is open-source and free to use. We also offer paid data plans that enable persistent data storage, include add-on integrations and provide customer support. Add-ons are also available separately without a data plan. I hope you like Logic Hop! It’s available for free directly from the WordPress plugin directory at https://wordpress.org/plugins/lo... . You can view tutorials and documentation at https://LogicHop.com. I’ll be here all day to answer any questions you have. You can also reach out to me at info@logichop.com. Thank you for checking it out!
jeremy e. miller
jeremy e. miller@jeremyemiller · professional problem solver
@mjnewman this looks awesome - I see your looking at adding SF integrations, but can you provide a pros/cons vs. Pardot Dynamic content? Cost aside, I'm curious if there are reasons we might want to switch from the Pardot WP Plugin to Logic Hop. Cheers!
Michael Newman
Michael NewmanMaker@mjnewman · LogicHop.com
@jeremyemiller Thank you! Logic Hop has a conditional logic system for creating conditions based on a user's actions and activities across multiple services. So you might have a condition where a WooCommerce product has been viewed, the user came from a specific Facebook ad and they've viewed your FAQ page. With Logic Hop you could use that to display personalized content on the current visit and send data back to SF to store it and also use it on future visits. Logic Hop also allows you to do simple things, like displays WP widgets when conditions are met, so you could easily turn content on and off based on data stored in SF. That's how we're using it with Drip and ConvertKit - With tags and custom fields. I'd love to get some insight into how you might use it for your needs and get you a preview version as we're just getting going on the integration. Definitely feel free to contact me directly at info@logichop.com.
Vladimir@vladimirkusnezo · Founder of LoveMarketing.de
Waited so long for such a plugin! Thanks!
Awesome plugin. Will be very helpful.
Ross Currie
Ross Currie@rossdcurrie · Founder, Brutal TearDowns
This is really cool, thanks for sharing @mijustin and for building @mjnewman. I love that when I click the PH link that I get to see a live example on the Logic Hop site, personalised to me
Michael Newman
Michael NewmanMaker@mjnewman · LogicHop.com
Thank you @rossdcurrie! Logic Hop grabs the Product Hunt ?ref=producthunt query string on the first visit and it's used to personalize the home page. LH also stores that data long-term and uses it to personalize other pages without the query string. Since it's stored, we can also use it on future visits to the site.