Unified log monitoring, log analysis and alerting system

Loggly combines monitoring, log analysis, and event alerting in one easy to use, yet powerful platform. This SaaS product helps you find errors in your logs without custom queries. You can then fix your code via our GitHub integration. See why over 10k customers, including 1/3 of the fortune 500 use Loggly. Free trial at http://Loggly.com

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Loggly customers can now address three distinct needs with a single cloud-based service: Proactive monitoring for potential issues, anomalies, or suspicious activity across their code and infrastructure. New charts and dashboards reveal the full story and can be created in just a few clicks. In addition to the ability to display any log-resident or Amazon CloudWatch metric, Loggly will support metrics collection using the collectd and statsd daemons in the fourth quarter of 2017. Deep-dive investigations, discovering root causes by searching and filtering on individual log events. A new integration with GitHub connects insights from dashboards to logs to individual lines of source code, without any additional instrumentation. The GitHub integration initially supports Java, JavaScript, and Python. Data analysis and visualization to characterize software performance, answer key business questions, spot trends, report on KPIs, and track SLA compliance. Users can work in Loggly without support from a dedicated administrator.
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