The poop tracking app 💩🌎

A live poop-logging application complete with ratings, facebook authentication and GPS tracking.

Keep a log of all your poops, where you did them and how they were!

View other users poops worldwide!

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@anna_0x Why not :D
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@_chrisgreg I guess now we can say "there's an app even for that" 😛
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Just added a public toilet feature! Close and reopen the app and you’ll be able to view and add crowd sourced toilet locations! So it’s actually useful!
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Ok, @_chrisgreg. What's the backstory here?
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@rrhoover A friend of mine just told me he thought of a really good name for an app that would log your.. logs. I was inclined to make it..
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@_chrisgreg sometimes it all starts with a name
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I’m a sucker for a good double entendre name. Well played!
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Hahaha :D Can you take picture for each log?
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@stanislav_dim Sadly no.. I omitted that feature on purpose. Ha
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@graeme_fulton "A picture is worth a thousand words"
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