LogDog V2

Identity theft and hacking protection

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Super useful Android app, and couldn't think of a better time to download this after the whole Ashley Madison deal. @ubrison what's the story behind this? iOS coming soon?
Hey @benln. Thanks for hunting us! The idea behind LogDog is that it's a simple app that sends you alerts if anyone tries to hack your online accounts. We have Android right now and will be releasing iOS in about 2 months. Our site has links to articles about us: www.GetLogDog.com
I’m Uri, CEO of LogDog, and I’d like to thank Ben for hunting us. The team and I are really excited! I'll be happy to answer all your questions today and I'm looking forward to getting your feedback on the app. The story of LogDog began when my wife’s email was hacked. It was a terrible experience, and it got me thinking that there needs to be a better way for users to keep their personal information protected online. Despite the best efforts of the largest sites, 1 in 4 online accounts eventually gets hacked. So I gathered a group of great people and together we worked on creating LogDog. LogDog was designed to be your online account watchdog. It keeps an eye on your Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Dropbox and Evernote accounts and lets you know right away if it sniffs something suspicious.
Been using this since day one. Highly recommended. Simple and non intrusive. Great hunt @benln
Thanks @ronch, you are one of our favorite users!
Cool product, adding account flow in the android app was very simple and easy, +1 for that. One question- why do I need an app for something that I just configure and hopefully forget? why not just some kind of web dashboard that email me every time something happen? (second thinking that's not gonna work if my email was hacked... =))
Hi @shemag8. The best place for an anti-hacking app is on your mobile phone. It's where most users do most of their online interaction and it's with you all day so you get any alerts we send immediately.
I do not see the benefit or usefulness of this product. Here is how to prevent getting hacked: have a good password and use a password manager to make sure every password is unique. Additionally, use a password management service — like Dashlane — that will tell you if a password is compromised. Problem solved?
Hi @pburtchaell. I'm sorry to have to be the one to break this to you but a really long unique password and vigorous use of a password manager - while both worthwhile practices - are in no way airtight protection against being hacked. Your password can be stolen from the servers of the site you use of straight from your fingertips when you are typing it by malware you picked up without even noticing it. There are a lot of ways into your accounts - we want to make sure that if, despite of your best efforts, someone gets in - you'll know about it in time to take action.
@ubrison Well, honestly, I hate to break it to you but with prudent use of strong passwords and security settings, 2FA and a password manager that notifies you of compromised accounts — just like LogDog does — this is not really solving any problems in my opinion.
Nope, 2FA won't do it either. See my answer to Ouriel Ohayun below.