LogDog for iOS

Don't lose control of your online accounts to hackers!

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Logdog is definitely one of my favorite apps. these guys saved my ass few times and managed to protect me. finally my iOS friends can use it too :)
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@urieli17 Hey Uri, happy to see you here, thanks
Hi PH, I’m Uri, CEO and co-founder of LogDog. Thanks to Ayelet for hunting us! Very excited to have our first iOS version published and hope you use it to protect your private information! If you have any questions - I'll be happy to answer them here. The story of LogDog began when my wife’s email was hacked. It was a terrible experience, and it got me thinking that there has to be a way to better protect personal information online. The fact is that 1 in 4 online accounts are hacked. This is an incredible number – we’re losing the war to hackers. LogDog was designed to be your online account watchdog. It keeps an eye on your Google, Facebook, and Dropbox accounts (more coming soon) and lets you know right away if something suspicious is happening.
@itsruback @ubrison look no more :) Let us know what you think of the product
LogDog, a leader in guarding users’ online accounts from hacking, gained a lot of buzz and attention when it launched on Android. Now it's also available to iOS users as well.
@ayeletnoff Hey Ayelet, thanks for the hunt!
I'm an avid fun of LogDog, a great contributor to my peace of mind
@mottipeer Moti, peace of mind is priceless happy to help
I like the idea of an end-user IDS. @ubrison 1) How do you protect LogDog from a breach? How is our sensitive data secured? 2) Can you explain your team's background and experience in cyber/information security? Why should we trust you?
Hi @janahrend, 1. Our system was designed with security in mind and we make sure all our servers are hardened, updated regularly and protected. Having said that, please note that we never keep any passwords - these remain in your device and only there. We only access data (i.e. activity logs) that we need in order to keep your account secure. Our privacy policy is up on the site and we take it very seriously - our reputation depends on it. 2. Our dev team are top coders who have worked together for years in various security related and non-security related projects. Our CMO has a CS degree and I myself was a developer for many years. I started the company after my wife's email account was hacked and we all genuinely want to help people avoid having to go through this. Over the past year or so we have had a lot of reporters come over to our offices to take a look around so there is plenty of info you can Google to learn more about us and decide whether you trust us.
@ubrison Thank you. 1) It wasn't clear to me that you are only locally storing account credentials. 2) I'm curious, why do you choose not to be more transparent about your team and where you are located? I cannot find any information on your website, including the TOS and privacy policy. The US phone number on your website and a whois lookup made me think US.
@janahrend, Our offices are located in Tel Aviv, Israel. We will be putting up bio pages to the website real soon. Here is a link to a local newspaper article about us that has a picture of the founding team. (It's in Hebrew). http://www.yediot.co.il/articles...
@ubrison Awesome! Looking forward to the bio pages! :) Do you have any other consumer defence applications planned in the future?
@janahrend Yep. Interesting stuff coming soon. Stay tuned.