LogDNA Self Hosted

Instantly collect & analyze logs real-time on any platform

LogDNA lets you instantly collect, centralize, and analyze logs in real-time from any platform, at any volume. Aggregate machine data from unlimited sources for powerful log monitoring and analysis.

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Hi everyone! Chris from LogDNA here. We founded LogDNA to help support developers as they scale, wherever they might build, with integrations into AWS, NGINX, Apache, MongoDB, and 30 more environments. Start pulling data from any source in less than two minutes. Automatically detect & parse logs quickly – no query language required. Build automated alerts, dashboards, and graphs with all of your data. Fully PCI, SOC 2, GDPR, and HIPAA compliant. We originally started LogDNA as a pivot during YC, after noticing that our internal logging system was more powerful and scalable than anything else our friends could find on the market. Now, with our Self Hosted & Multi-Cloud product, you can import data from anywhere – on-prem, public could, private cloud, and any combination of deployment options. From the very beginning, we built our platform to support the future: Kubernetes, multi-cloud, with a laser-fast developer-focused user experience. Happy to answer any of your questions! 👋
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