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Thanks for the hunt @garrytan! Hey everyone. I’m a co-founder of LogDNA. We were in YCombinator's W15 batch working on a eCommerce marketing platform (PushMarket), only to realize we built a powerful logging system many of our friends wanted. We had our “slack moment” and decided to pivot. We were frustrated with the current logging landscape and built LogDNA around 3 philosophies: 1. More Storage - give away ample storage so you can log everything 2. Longer Search - faster and longer search retention 3. UI/UX - a much cleaner experience to interact with your log tails I’m happy to answer any questions you may have! PS - We love Product Hunt and want to give an exclusive 50% off to all new members for the week! :)
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This appeals to the nerd in me - awesome.
@sol_orwell haha thanks! Feel free to try out our demo and let us know how we can make the product better.
Awesome product and the really like how clean this looks. Wish it was out time ago when I was messing in rails and having to look at a horrid console with tail -f trying to debug stuff.
@ebronimensah Thanks Edwin!
How does this compare to the incredible amount of competition in this area? What makes this product different / better then Splunk, Loggly, Solar Winds, etc... ? (Although they shouldn't) Log files can contain very sensitive information. What security measures are in place to ensure no one sees my log files other then me?
@mariogiambanco Sure. We probably won't be doing what splunk is doing. We don't intend to be enterprise-focused at this time. As for the others, we're confident we have a good infrastructure set up to handle the much larger data volumes we're giving out. 100 GB/month for free, paid plans start at 500 GB/month. Absolutely. As I'm sure everyone in the logging space is doing, we also encrypt end-to-end traffic.
@nxbuzz I was going to mention the 100gb / month for free (correct me if I'm wrong) - it really isn't - it's a maximum of 100gb of storage / month - but the retention is listed at 2 days. If you only send 50mb a day, in 2 days you'd have 100mb and on the 3rd day, you'd be back at 0. When your talking to a systems administrator (which is what these kind of products are really targeted towards) - days of retention has more value then data stored. Your almost advertising as enterprise storage numbers but boutique retention policies. Someone needing 100gb / month of storage would need much more then 2 days of retention. A week (7 days) retention is roughly standard on free plans I've seen. Not trying to be mean - It looks like a very simple, clean and easy to use interface - but the marketing should be cleaned up a bit.
@mariogiambanco Yes, you're right, retention is definitely important but each plan is tailored for a specific audience. From what've been hearing, most people on free plans use it for specific needs like testing/debugging their product in beta or a light production app. And for those, 2 days is plenty. Our free 100 GB/month means you can log all 100 GB in the first day before we'll stop ingesting and it'll stick around for a couple days. Or you can go 3 GB/day with a large burstable ceiling (up to 100 GB) as you need it. We think it's fair for what we can offer for free. We're not trying to build a business off our free plan, our paid plans have 30+ days retention and that's where it'll matter to system administrators. And for those plans, we have generous data volume allotments. Also I don't think we're offering enterprise storage numbers. We're simply offering a much higher limit than most people are used to seeing.
Wow talk about timing! Just last week we had a bug and it created a ton of log data. We were faced with either paying the absurd overage or stop logging. This would have saved me.
@brunowong it's problem we hear about all the time. Looking forward to having your team use LogDNA!