Logcam is a video journal app for iPhone

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This is a really great way to have a personal video journal
Love that it shows the weather when the video was shot. I'll be using this to capture a lot of moments.
What a coincidence, yesterday I started a video journal. Unfortunately the app not available in Europe. Do you plan on adding it anytime soon? I'd love to test it 📽
@itsdavelux Great! There's a plan to rollout worldwide after localization is addressed. I'll keep you posted if you email me at help(at)logcam.co. Thanks.
Sounds great. But to bad, not available in the NL AppStore.
@buxx Yes, there's a plan to rollout worldwide. If you email me at help(at)logcam.co, I'll keep you posted. Thanks! You can also watch out for updates at http://logcam.co/release-notes/
@amie I will, an mailing list for keeping us updates is also a great way to connect. But will mail you.