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Create professional and high quality logos in a few mins.

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I'm not sure I see a value here, it's the appears to be the exact same logos that every other service like this uses.
@hgottfried Hi, Hal! It just seems that we create logos that other services offer:) We have many differences from competitors. For example, you try to create our BrandKit.
Hey Guys, Does your white label version also allow users of your white label client to make the logos, mockups etc by themselves?
@joegeronimo3 Hi, Joe. Now white label allows to make only the logos. But I assume in future we will add options to make other mockups. By the way, we have wondeful widget for logo creation. You’ll put it into your website and every your visitor will have possibility to create logo directly on your website. Save logo button will redirect customer to our website. We’ll care about payments and support. You can test it on this website bizcardmaker.com (click "Create a logo"). Please let me know if you are interested, Joe
Hi @v_holiney. Do you still offer a widget for logo creation? I'm looking for one that can be installed on my website as per your message above
ohhh the day you can poop a logo, website, piece of hardware, chair... house. would IM Pei on his 100th birthday today be more excited for the craft of design or worried. :(
Hey Hunters, I am here and happy to answer all your questions:) P.S Thanks for all the upvotes everyone!
some of the logos are nice but system needs to match well to the industry we choose.