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Ghost spam is a growing problem with GA, so I definitely see the need for well-curated filters being rolled out. No marketing team wants to have their data outright hijacked by a third party. It's honestly time Google stepped up and solved the problem themselves (by banning these sources). Their own internal feature for bot detection and spam isn't up to par. Ideally you'd want to see historics of what you've blocked or filtered to ensure no false-positives.
@cballou Hey Corey, totally agree. Easier said than done. We see the same spammers recycling domains, only days after they hit us with a new one. Even spoofing us with fake domains. And recently we are seeing a completely new monster we've yet to speak to. It's evolving quick, and it's getting worse month after month. My guess, Google is going to crowdsource it just like they did with their disavow tool. They will add a "report" feature in GA, and put a team in place to manually review them.
Excellent! Just what I needed.
Just wanted to second what @moravtchik said above: the process feels incredibly wonky and not very trustworthy. Especially this page: http://cl.ly/e7wJ - it just screams "Scam! Scam! Scaaam!", which is kind of ironic I would say. Moving past that, the feature itself is simply a set of (maintained) regex-filters that you add to your existing Google Analytics setup, and is very easy to use. It worries me a little that it appears new versions will have to be added as new (and differently named) segments rather than keeping a current segment up to date, but I understand these are limitations inherent in how GA works.
@gloom303 Thanks Bent. That is valuable feedback, and I will certainly have a look. Yah, I realize it's kind of a pain. We send out an updated segment every week for folks to download. We are updating it almost daily these days, adding new bad referrers that pop up. The other option would have been for folks to authorize us certain access to their Google Analytics account, and we figured people would hate that option more : )
Used it. Process kinda scared me, feared I might be spamming my own laptop right now but trusted something that lands through PH. Tomorrow results.
@moravtchik hey leo, I am one of the makers. scouts honor, you are going to love it. results should be immediate. just don't forget the last step, which we've in fact created a video to walk you through:
. Basically adjusting your view.
@adamgsteele @moravtchik Results are in - works! 1. During the installation and after I received like 4 E-mails from Loganix, I think it should\can be cut down 2. Some of the installation process includes pop ups that can be confused as spam traps. 3. Installed it twice because first I used "Any view" on analytics but couldn't find where I can see it installed on each view, I think that should be added to the process. Having said that I'll admit I never read the faq or tutorial and when people tell me they don't get my app but skipped the tutorial I get pissed. 4. Got another E-mail about a new version. Hate to think I'll have to run it everytime there's a new update. Maybe there's an easier way? 5. Back to beginning - works! all ghost spam gone from all views in my analytics and it took less than 2 minutes.
@moravtchik Hey Leo! thanks you for the review, I appreciate the feedback. 1./2. Noted. I will have a look. 4. As I mentioned to Bent, the other option was asking for Google Analytics authorization, which surely would make people uncomfortable. We're listening to feedback, and if people demand the other option, we will surely consider offering it. Thanks so much!
@adamgsteele @moravtchik Hi Adam, two more questions: 1. I feel like getting my results now seems slower. I'm not completely sure of it and even if I was, I'm talking about a 2-sec lag. Did you encounter any effect on the process when using your product? 2. I know you're working hard and updating the rules all the time, is there a way users can send you suspicious tracking links for inspection? For example, Loganix cleared all the spam I had, but today I have a new suspicious one called "website-stealer.nufaq.com" that sounds suspicious to me... Thanks!
@moravtchik Hey Leo 1. No, but I suppose it would make sense. I will have to keep a close eye on this, especially as this list grows - and it's growing quick! 2. Yes, here it is: https://panel.loganix.net/segmen.... Nothing fancy, but it will get the sources in front of us instantly, and we will review. If after investigation they are indeed bad, they will be added to our list, available for download, the following week. Thanks Leo!
Completely awesome.