Log Owl

Open-source, privacy-focused error tracking and analytics

Get the insights you need on how your IT services perform in production. Track errors with all the details you need to fix issues and get detailed user analytics, privacy-focused and all in one place.
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?makers This seems like an attractive proposition. I'm only curious about the error tracking. I care most by server side (PHP, Laravel), but that's not an option yet, correct? Let me find your newsletter subscription form.
@axtg Hi Xander, officially we currently support all kind of browser-based applications as well as NodeJS servers. However, there is an option to build custom adapters in any other language too, as the interface to report errors is standardised and easy to use. This allows you to build your custom error reporting logic. If you need support on this, please send us an email. 🙏🏼
Glad to see that you are building up with a focus on privacy.