Lofree QTV Speaker

Smart vintage speaker & modern display

Lofree QTV Speaker is a retro tv-inspired speaker with modern functionalities. It has 2 customizable alarms, personalize it to anything you want. It’s a speaker, alarm, and timer. The Lofree QTV’s unique design and modern amenities is what makes it one of a kind.

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I don't understand. How is this even on Indiegogo? How is it being promoted by Product Hunt? It's just random Alibaba crap. http://www.alibaba.com/product-d...
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@itsthisjustin Is this where drop shipping has gone?
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@safaiyeh From looking a bit further, I don't think it's THAT bad. I think this is just the actual company kickstarting their own actual existing product for the US audience. I still think it's kinda scammy and don't know why we as consumers accept this crap as "new", but yeah my fears of it being just some white kid out in cali with a "new product" are quelled for the moment at least.
@safaiyeh @itsthisjustin Absolutely scammy. This kind of garbage should not be in PH.
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@itsthisjustin Thanks for finding. This is the QTV with Chinese UI, and this seller is not allowed to sell it outside of China.
Great job!!😊 Does it ship to India?
@ayush_chandra Do you actually read the posts before putting in your standard reply?
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@ayush_chandra Hello Ayush, QTV ships globally, so yes to India. Please check our Indiegogo campaign: https://www.producthunt.com/post...
@andreasduess Yes I do read everything