Lofree Poison

A portable vintage wireless radio speaker

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Jerry Liu
Jerry Liu@liu_peichao · CEO of Rigiet and DEBOT
Looks very nice! Just pledged for it!
Derek E. Silva
Derek E. Silva@dereksilva
This looks fantastic, and a very fair price.
Steve Harman
Steve Harman@steve1215 · Product Manager (web & mobile)
Countries in Europe are actively killing off the 87-107MHz FM broadcast band, it's already gone in parts of Scandinavia. Wonder if there will be a DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) version so at least the radio side will work in a couple of years. Did anyone spot if there's a 3.5mm input jack? Considering backing the project and hooking it up to a Chromecast audio for streaming.
Fe3G@gcs · Worker Ant
@steve1215 You can use the 3.5mm male to male cable (aka aux cable) included in the box to connect the Poison to your device, or buy a Bluetooth receiver on the market.