Lofree Digit Calculator

A retro yet mechanical calculator.

#2 Product of the DayAugust 17, 2018

Lofree Digit Calculator is the first retro inspired mechanical calculator. Its mechanical switches offer a tactile and responsive typing experience to help let increase your efficiency and productivity.

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Just another piece of plastic we don't need...




what type of problem is this solving?

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Not sure why you chose to review a product that clearly isn't aimed at you. Why do people buy fancy mechanical keyboards when they could get the same result with a $20 one? What problem is a mechanical keyboard solving that cheaper ones don't? Yet mechanical keyboards are huge business these days. And people will (probably) buy this for the same reasons they buy mechanical keyboards. Because they value the experience.
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I'm willing to pay $30 for this beautiful design
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Pretty sure this company is just churning out Alibaba goods on the reg now. How on earth they get funded on KS I'll never know.
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@itsthisjustin What else did they "make"? edit - I see now, keyboards and speakers. I can see the keyboard working, but I'm surprise they have $32k pledged on a calculator
@mike_seekwell Some awful "retro" tv alarm clock thing. It made it onto PH as well unfortunately.
@mike_seekwell I doubt the pledges are legitimate to be honest. (I have zero proof of this, just a feeling)
Looks quite stylish, next step to make scientific calculator.
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I honestly didn't know people still used physical calculators anymore. Apparently that's still a thing so if that's the case, this looks like a sleek 2018 option.
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Looks very stylish. But you can do anything this can do with ⌘ + Space and you don't have to take your hands off the keyboard.
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