Locqus (2.0)

Keep track of your workforce

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Field management isn't the sexiest industry but someone/something has to manage business logistics. Sandy and team have built a real solid solution. You can create jobs and assign them to coworkers remotely, view the location of "clocked-in" co-worker, manage payments & time cards etc...
Thank you @Jtriest for the kind words! Yes we are indeed looking to build a solution for the field service industry that is both cost effective and reliable in the field.
Hey guys, any thoughts on entering the political/advocacy space with this? The current mobile canvassing solutions leave a ton to be desired and being able to track your canvassers and even accept donations at the door would be a huge improvement, esp at your price point.
Hi All, Thank you all for the support! We are going to revolutionize the field service industry by making it FREE and easy to get online and serve your customers better!
That is quite the interesting point! We have not even thought about that application of it. When our first dog-walking company or farrier reached out to us it was quite informative. We will definitely be looking into this avenue in the near near future!