Never forget someone's name again

Loco allows you to take a selfie with someone, write some notes and exchange contact information with them so you remember who you met.

This was born out of my frustration and embarrassment forgetting peoples name right after I would meet them at conferences and events.

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Hey @producthunt! 😺 I'm the Creator of Loco, which is like Snapchat for Business. With Loco you can forget about forgetting anyone's name again. It's a fun ice breaker taking a selfie with someone you just met! I was working on a Computer Vision/Augmented Reality startup attending lots of conferences and networking events and I realized that I forgot 95% of the people I met at them. I'd add them on social media, but forgot where I met them or who they were. So I thought why not combine Computer Vision/Facial Recognition to make it easier to remember the people you meet. I know its been helping me remember who I met. Also if someone is not on the platform or doesn't have an iPhone its fine. You send them your contact information through a text or email directly from the app. If you run an event that you'd like to use Loco for participants. Shoot me an email @ andreas@go-loco.com I'd love for you to try it out! Let me know what you think! I'm here to answer any questions -Andreas
@producthunt @go @andreas_dias Super interesting idea Andreas! Well done on the launch!
@producthunt @go @avthars1 Thanks so much for you feedback Avthar! Definitely was excited to launch!
@producthunt @go @andreas_dias Sadly not available in Germany 😟
I need this so badly. Any plans to release an Android version?
@alexanderisora Hey Alex! I have the Android version in the works. There are a couple Vision libraries we use in iOS that we're looking to port to Android in order to do so, but its definitely in the queue!
Before Loco we use to save contact name with place we met, it's weird.
@pharouk90 Glad you like it!
Hahah :D this is so awesome!
Totally like the idea