Remotely lock your Mac or PC from your iPhone or Apple Watch

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When I'm at the office, I frequently find myself forgetting to lock my computer. I love how LockItUp makes it easy to lock my computer with one button push. It's the perfect example of something that works really well on the Apple Watch.
@thorpus Thanks for posting Justin! And as Justin points out, LockItUp is also awesome if you leave Caffeine running in your menubar and your IT department yells at you for leaving your computer unlocked all the time ;)
Slick Execution. Impressed - had tried similar apps that just did not work.
@koomerang Thanks Kumy :)
I wonder what other use cases are possible, other than just locking. In the future, can I ask my computer to run a program in the background (mine bitcoins maybe?), or download that e-book?
sounds like MacID
@ourielohayon Hey Ouriel, We're a little different in that we're only focused on remote lock, not unlock. We don't rely on Bluetooth or proximity, since we felt those we're unreliable since they can be disabled. LockItUp is web based and works anywhere as long as you have a connection.
@zolihonig @ourielohayon you need to communicate that its web based up front or else it seems like everything else, I wasn't convinced but now that I hear this, I'm downloading :)
@zolihonig @ourielohayon i still don t see the difference with MacID except macID also unlocks the mac
@ourielohayon since the app is web based - it doesn't use Bluetooth - you can lock your computer from far away (aka the bathroom down the hall)...that's as clear as I can go ;)
Seems like a nice idea, especially for people who work on a co-working space. I just have one question though, how do you unlock your computer once you return to it? Is it via the website or would it be like when you start your computer?
@rutgerteunissen you unlock the way you normally would if you closed the lid.
@mlevy23 Oh okay, that makes it easier. I will have to try it then, thanks!
@rutgerteunissen Here's a quick video I made for the Apple Store Review process. It's little rough, we'll make a better one soon :)