Lockitron Bolt

Unlock your door with your phone for only $99

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How is this different from the original Lockitron (that I'm still waiting on)?
@shellen that's what I was thinking. Isn't this what was announced and available for order a year ago?
@shellen Bolt is the new Lockitron. It's 50% smaller, get's twice the battery life, uses Bluetooth 4.1, and starts at $99. If you pre-ordered the original Lockitron last year we will automatically upgrade your purchase to Bolt and ship it with the companion Bridge.
@_jacksmith Not quite. We have more details here: http://blog.lockitron.com/post/1...
@pmg Thanks, however, I just looked up my original order date: February 3rd, 2013. Two years later, I'm being upgraded but no word on ship date. When can I expect a Bolt?
@shellen general availability is in Spring, 2015 - preview and developer kit's (limited availability) begin shipping in March.
So new product, that still hasn't shipped yet, but on preorder... At this point wouldn't make sense to just sell the product when it's available?
@meshlakhani Tell that to Kickstarter and the $1B they raised last year.
Proofread your copy :) I spotted multiple typos.
@tylr thanks, some frustrating caching issues have kept some of them around far longer than they should have been.
I'm still a supporter! Fantastic idea (much easier install than August) and the team behind it. Home automation industry is about to blow up, would love to see these guys ride the wave.
@mzuvella sorry, but the new version is a full lock replacement, just like goji, august, etc.
@pmg I assume this is a newer version of lockitron. I emailed care awhile back with images of my lock and they never got back to me. I live in a loft and we have speciality locks that are quite different. Here are some images http://imgur.com/pcn51X3,nRfjJwy will this version of lockitron work for it? If not will you ever make a version that works this type of lock?
@johnnyquachy Sadly no. Bolt works with through-hole locks while yours is a mortise (slightly less common.)