Lockitron Bolt

Unlock your door with your phone for only $99

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Jason Shellen@shellen · Head of Product, Slack Platform
How is this different from the original Lockitron (that I'm still waiting on)?
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
@shellen that's what I was thinking. Isn't this what was announced and available for order a year ago?
Paul M. GerhardtMaker@pmg · Founder, Lockitron
@shellen Bolt is the new Lockitron. It's 50% smaller, get's twice the battery life, uses Bluetooth 4.1, and starts at $99. If you pre-ordered the original Lockitron last year we will automatically upgrade your purchase to Bolt and ship it with the companion Bridge.
Paul M. GerhardtMaker@pmg · Founder, Lockitron
@_jacksmith Not quite. We have more details here: http://blog.lockitron.com/post/1...
Jason Shellen@shellen · Head of Product, Slack Platform
@pmg Thanks, however, I just looked up my original order date: February 3rd, 2013. Two years later, I'm being upgraded but no word on ship date. When can I expect a Bolt?
Paul M. GerhardtMaker@pmg · Founder, Lockitron
@shellen general availability is in Spring, 2015 - preview and developer kit's (limited availability) begin shipping in March.
Mesh Lakhani@meshlakhani · Founder, Futureinvestor.co
So new product, that still hasn't shipped yet, but on preorder... At this point wouldn't make sense to just sell the product when it's available?
Matt@mzuvella · Director of Marketing @ FamePick
@meshlakhani Tell that to Kickstarter and the $1B they raised last year.
Tyler Howarth@tylr · Designer at Airbnb
Proofread your copy :) I spotted multiple typos.
Cameron RobertsonMaker@ccamrobertson · Founder, Lockitron
@tylr thanks, some frustrating caching issues have kept some of them around far longer than they should have been.
Matt@mzuvella · Director of Marketing @ FamePick
I'm still a supporter! Fantastic idea (much easier install than August) and the team behind it. Home automation industry is about to blow up, would love to see these guys ride the wave.
bradherman@bradherman · Sr Eng @ Hired, Cofounder @ Soothe - SF
@mzuvella sorry, but the new version is a full lock replacement, just like goji, august, etc.
Johnny Quach@johnnyquachy · VP Product @ AIrhelp
@pmg I assume this is a newer version of lockitron. I emailed care awhile back with images of my lock and they never got back to me. I live in a loft and we have speciality locks that are quite different. Here are some images http://imgur.com/pcn51X3,nRfjJwy will this version of lockitron work for it? If not will you ever make a version that works this type of lock?
Paul M. GerhardtMaker@pmg · Founder, Lockitron
@johnnyquachy Sadly no. Bolt works with through-hole locks while yours is a mortise (slightly less common.)