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Hey, Product Hunters! I am excited to introduce you guys to Locki! Locki is a website localization tool that enables your website’s visitors to translate your content right on your website. All you need to do is registering your website to our platform and embedding a few lines of JavaScript to your HTML, then ready to go. What's new about Locki is bringing the Wiki-like community model into website localization. That community approach is inspired by my time at Viki, a video site that uses a fan community to translate videos into 200+ languages. I worked as a product manager for the Viki subtitling community. On the Internet, In fact, more than half of the websites are in English only, even though the vast majority of the Internet's users are not English speakers. We want to solve for this information gap with Locki by empowering people who have a skill to translate. We love to hear your feedbacks and get in touch at info@locki.io
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@chikathreesix @locki excellent move! The internet needs you.
@vegardwikeby Wow thanks! Your words encourage me a lot!
Met Ryo earlier last month in San Francisco. Impressed by how he can apply his experience and knowledge at Viki to solve the information gap problem for non-english speakers with Locki.
@heathermhuang Thanks Heatherm! Yes, we need to fill the information gap!
Wow! Wanna try it out.
@yu_sher Try it out with your website and give us your feedback!
Congrats on the PH Launch! What are your next steps for this product?
@meidlin Thanks! Next step, we will develop a browser extension for community to translate any websites.