Locket Photos

Give an album a special place on your home screen

Give your favorite photos album a spot on your iPhone's home screen.
Pick an album, a Shared Album, or all your photos, and Locket helps you revisit those memories. You can filter, shuffle, view them on a map, or view photos taken on-this-day-in-history.
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7 Reviews5.0/5
Bryan Clark
mobile @ Khan Academy
I made Locket after losing somebody that I love. I had tons of photos and videos, and had put them in an album in the Photos app - but it left me wanting more. I wanted to view them on a map (so I could find memories from right-here-where-I'm-standing), to view them on-this-day (so I could revisit seasons or holidays easily), and to shuffle them (because, for very-large albums, the Photos app makes it pretty hard to explore all the items in the middle - you can only really easily find the first or last images in an album there.) For me, Locket is a way to remember a loved one. For you, maybe it's a place to keep family pictures, or a home-screen-shortcut to your family's shared album - or just a way to hit Shuffle on your Photos library. 30% (at minimum) of proceeds from the app will go to the SUDC Foundation. Thanks for Hunting, and please let me know what you think!
Jesse Herlitz
CEO at Castro Podcasts

This is a great app, and supports an important cause.


Gives focus to my vast photo library, and smart tools to get the best out of it.


Needs to implement some of those features I saw in beta ;)