Locket 2.0

Your intelligent Android lock screen

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Thanks @car1os for the hunt! This is a big update for Locket. Locket 2.0 learns your interests and habits to bring you contextually relevant content on your lock screen. We are introducing a few amazing publication partners including CNN and Bleacher Report. We've also improved the UI and interaction a lot so you have a slick lock screen. This version just got featured on the Google play store, so try it out. We'd appreciate feedback!
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@yunhajkim Looks great Yunha! Out of curiosity, since you guys moved away from the "get paid to see ads on your lockscreen" model that you started with, what does your revenue model look like now?
@ghobs91 Thanks! We don't have a crystal clear revenue model at the moment, as we are focusing on user growth right now. But we are learning that movie recommendations and TV show tune ins are working really well on the lock screen :)