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Hi there everyone! Thank you for adding Locker Room Talk: Rate Your College Coach! LRT is determined to empower student-athletes by giving them a voice to share their experiences in order to benefit the upcoming generations of collegiate athletes. We are a startup built by college athletes for current and future college athletes. Here is what we do to empower student-athletes in a nutshell: *Allow former collegiate athletes to speak ANONYMOUSLY and freely about their college coaches *Give upcoming collegiate athletes the ability to see the truth behind certain programs & coaches *Help high schoolers with one of the most important decisions of their lives *Share first hand experiences of current and former athletes across the country *Explain the depths of the NCAA *Pinpoint the most important factors of the recruiting process *Provide current news on the coaching world *Generate unique statistics by former collegiate athletes *Inform everyone of all the great things that being a collegiate athlete can do for you *Speak across the country at seminars & consult for high school student-athletes! Check us out at www.lockerroomtalk.com
I love products that give access to information to users when making important decisions, and Locker Room Talk is no exception. For student athletes choosing the right college is probably the biggest decision of their lives and Locker Room Talk can help them make the right choice for them.
Everyone of us loves to rate things! This is a nice tool from both perspectives. As a coach you can get a nice reputation and as a stundent you can exchange with peers about certain coaches and recomend them. Maybe this would also be interesting for schools aswell like "Rate your teacher".
@kiersten_lockerroomtalk love the product, wish it was around when I was playing football haha. I wanted to invite you to join our sports tech community on slack. You can check it out here: www.sporttechiehq.com. If you are interested just shoot me your email I can send over an invite. Great place to help spread the word about locker room talk as well as gather some feedback. Looking forward to connecting.
@troy_ruediger I'd love an invite to the channel as well, if you're willing. (Former college athlete, women's water polo @ Michigan. Go Blue!)
@melissagoblue hey, thanks for reaching out! Would love to have you. Can you shoot me a DM on twitter with your email so I can send you an invite? @troy_ruediger
@melissagoblue Melissa -- I know you're in the STHQ chats with me but I would love to connect with you via email, does that work for you? I can DM you in Slack.
@keirsten_lockerroomtalk absolutely. Would love to chat. Feel free to hit me up via Slack.