Lockdown Showcase 🦠 πŸ‘€

Crowdsourced list of products created during lockdown

Introducing Lockdown Showcase 🦠 πŸ‘€ , a crowd-sourced list of products made by makers during lockdown
While we were all indoors 🏑 makers everywhere were making a lot yummy things 🧁 lockdown showcase lists these creations.
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Dear Hunters, A quick update, since launching yesterday, Lockdown Showcase 🦠 πŸ‘€ has trended on Hacker News at #1. πŸš€ Wow. Since launch: πŸ–Ό +150 new products added to the site 1,226 Page views πŸ¦Ήβ€β™€οΈ 873 Unique Users (2-3 users active on the site) πŸ“ˆ Roughly 7 products were added every hour since launch The conversation over at Hacker News has been pretty amazing. The amount of innovation people have there is astounding. https://news.ycombinator.com/ite... 🀯 There are 500 comments over there now. Thank you for all the support and inspiration @thepatwalls @mattcrail @dvassallo @bramk And thank you to you all πŸ™πŸΌ
@thepatwalls @mattcrail @dvassallo @bramk @shimmmaz THIS IS INCREDIBLE! Amazing traction. "Pivoting" is the hottest trend in the world right now and Lockdown Showcase is featuring it. BRAVO!
This is awesome! What a great idea to showcase all the lockdown-induced creativity out there. I really enjoyed the list and found quite a few lockdown innovations that are relevant to me. Everyone should check this out!
@chen_arad Wow Chen thanks! That are a number of really interesting products that people did. I am really impressed. Any particular one you like the most? I really like https://www.kostyakimlat.com/vir... who's bringing virtual magic shows to people in lockdown.
@chen_arad @shimmmaz YESSS!!!! This is Awesome!. I wish it had a cool brand name and then "Virtual Magic Shows" was the description
Love this idea! Great way to connect people!
@matan_bik Thank you! Looking forward to see what next great thing you build!
Hey Product Hunt, πŸ‘‹ Like many people I found myself at home with some time on my hands. I was inspired by a tweet by @visakanv to create a place to showcase products created during lockdown and that is how Lockdown Showcase 🦠 πŸ‘€ was born. A few interesting pieces of information: 🌞 🌚 Built and launched in 1 day ⛔️ Made entirely without code using: πŸ–Ό Website: @carrd πŸ—ƒ Database: @airtable πŸ“§ Newsletter: @revue Let me know what you think and feel free to add what you made during lockdown πŸ’« And most importantly stay safe and healthy out there πŸ’š
Nice one @shimmmaz πŸŽ‰ What's your favorite product on the list?
Thanks @mattcrail! Great question, there are many great products already on the list. If I had to choose I would say that http://designresourc.es/ via @kylerphillips_ helped me the most so far. So that would be my choice.
@kylerphillips_ @shimmmaz love that - thanks for sharing! I just added my project too πŸŽ‰
@mattcrail Love to see all the great things taskablehq.com is doing! Specifically, the product hunt checklist you guys made here https://producthunt.taskablehq.c... was really helpful during my launch! And here is your post on Lockdown Showcase 🦠 πŸ‘€ . Looks good :)